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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

GST Latest News, Photos, on Gst Pictures Breaking funny news on GST Really Funny Jokes On Goods & Service Tax

GST Latest News, Photos, on Gst Pictures Breaking funny news on GST Really Funny Jokes On Goods & Service Tax Latest News Headlines about Gst girl boy jokes pati patni jokes

Pahle modi ji ne....
Latest News, Photos, on Gst Pictures
Latest News, Photos, on Gst Pictures
Pahle modi ji ne

ek baba(Baba Ramdev) ko vyapaari banaaya

ab GST laakar

saare vyapaariyo ko baba bana diye!!!!

GST picture jokes
GST picture jokes
 BJP neta ne vyapaari se poochha:
GST ka kya matlab hai?
vyapaari ne javaab diya
G - gayi
S - sarkar
T - tumhari!
Funny jokes on GST
Funny jokes on GST 
Shukr hai nahi laga ishk par koi #GST,
varna tu bhi to meri Aukaat se baahar ho jaati !!

Kaam dhandhe itne mande ho gaye hain ki 
ab to gharvaali bhi bina jeb check kiye 
kapde dho deti hai.....
GST se pareshaan vyapaari

Doctor: Glucagon StimulationTest
Pandit: Gau Sewa Tax
Haryanvi: Ghano Sara Tax


The government on Tuesday announced rules regarding MRP or maximum retail price for all the goods under the 
GST (goods and services tax) regime that was rolled out at the midnight of Friday and Saturday. 
There has been ample confusion among both consumers and retailers regarding 
how the MRP changes will reflect our business under GST.
"Under the GST regime, if a price of a product has increased the manufacturer/ importer/ packer will have to 
give an advertisement in two newspapers about the new MRP and put a revised sticker on the packaging,", 
Department of Consumer Affairs Secretary Avinash Srivastava said. Both the new and the old MRP must show 
on the packaging.

Eating Out

Dining out will be expensive. Here’s an example explaining how -

In a restaurant, say a consumer spends Rs.100. Currently you pay an average of 18.5% as service tax and VAT. So apart from the service charge, you usually shell out Rs 118.5.

Now, according to GST, it’s expected that the rates can be fixed at 18 to 20%.

Accordingly at 20% approximate tax rate, your bill will be 120 rupees you will have to pay 120 rupees instead of 118.5.

Buying a car

The luxury of a car will now seem reachable for the common man.

Buying a car will be hassle free in different states with same prices everywhere.

So a Rs.5 lakh car with excise duty of 12.5 % and with VAT roughly totals to Rs 6.25 lakh. Now under the GST, it is expected to get lower up till Rs 35,000. If the rate is fixed at 18%, the price will now be Rs 5.9 lakhs. Automobile industry looks upwards This is the benefit by the GST.
so some thing is benefit for costomers some are not.

India has both implemented and not implemented the spirit of a unifying GST.  The GST subsumes a number of a central (central excise duty, countervailing customs duty) and GST is not beneficial for small businesman but it will be more beneficial for great businesaman state (state VAT, luxury tax, entry tax, octroi) taxes and thus prevents the dreaded cascading effect of taxes .


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