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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Love Couple Shayari With Image Hindi 2019 Breakup Shayari Sad Shayari shayri for whatsap Facebook

Love Couple Shayari With Image Hindi 2019 Breakup Shayari Sad Shayari shayri for whatsap Facebook

Hanste Huye Tujhko Jab Bhi Dekhta Hu Main,
Tu Hi Duniya Hai Meri Yahi Sochta Hun Main.

हँसते हुए तुझको जब भी देखता हूँ मैं,
तू ही दुनिया है मेरी यही सोचता हूँ मैं।

बेवफाई उसकी दिल से मिटा के आया हूँ,
ख़त भी उसके पानी में बहा के आया हूँ,
कोई पढ़ न ले उस बेवफा की यादों को,
इसलिए पानी में भी आग लगा कर आया हूँ।

जब कोई ख्याल दिल से टकराता है!
दिल न चाह कर भी, खामोश रह जाता है!
कोई सब कुछ कहकर, प्यार जताता है!
कोई कुछ न कहकर भी, सब बोल जाता है!

mohabbat barbaad ho rahi thi haal aashiqana tha
dil ke tokde ho rahe the logo ne wah wah kya nishana tha

मोहब्बत की कहूँ देवी या तुमको बंदगी कह दूँ,
बुरा मानो न गर हमदम तो तुमको ज़िन्दगी कह दूँ

वो वक़्त वो लम्हे कुछ अजीब होंगे,
दुनिया में हम खुश नसीब होंगे,
दूर से जब इतना याद करते है आपको,
क्या होगा जब आप हमारे करीब होंगे! 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Ramzan Messages, quots in english Shayari in Hindi & Urdu Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Ramzan Messages, quots in english Shayari in Hindi & Urdu Ramzan Messages, Hindi poetry Ramadan Funny Sms In Urdu, Ramadan Jokes EID SMS HINDI Collection

Happy Ramdan Mubarak to all of you

Happy Ramdan Mubarak
Happy Ramdan Mubarak

Muslims continue their with work and school during Ramadan a special month of very year, though they are encouraged to inform their employer or teacher of the fact. they ar vry rsponsible to fast in this month, During the Ramadan, which ends at sunset on the final day, Muslims do not  drink, eat, have sex or smoke while the sun is up. They also offer more prayers in th ramdan month, contribute more money to the poor and regularly study the Quran.

Themonth of Ramadan (is that) in which was revealed the Quran,  let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey then an equal number of other days a guidance for the people and the clear proof for 
guidance and criterion. So whoever sights (the new moon of) the month,. Allah intends for you ease and doesn't intend for you hardship and wants for you to complete the fast period and to glorify Allah for that (to) which He has guided you: and perhaps you will be grateful .

Makkah is considered the holiest city in Islam. Not only was it the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad (SAS), but also the location where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had his first revelation of the Quran in makka. Because of this, the rest of the Islamic world follow Saudi Arabia’s announcement of islam rules.

Ramadan 2018 Wishes Images Messages Shayar
Ramadan 2018 Wishes Images Messages Shayar

Ramadan lasts for one complete moon cycle, which is usually 29 or 30 days of th month. The moon sighting determines the duration. 
Nowadays, astronomical calculations have started taking precedence over the age-old tradition of moon visible by the naked eye to determine the dates.

Some Beautiful quotes about Ramzan Ramdan 2018 in english

“On behalf of the United States Department of State, 
I offer best wishes to Muslims around the world for a peaceful and blessed Ramadan to all."


“For those observing this month, 
it is a time of reverence, 
generosity and spiritual introspection. 
Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Ramzan Messages, quots in english Shayari in Hindi & Urdu Ramzan

Ramzan Mubarak Wishes
Ramzan Mubarak Wishes
Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Ramzan Messages

“Muslims in the United States and around the world make 
valuable contributions to their societies every day, 
and millions will honour lot of wishs
this month in a special way with acts of service 
and giving back to their neighbours. "

“In recognition of this, every year many of our embassies and consulates around the world host Ramadan activities bringing unity and fath together Muslims and people of other faiths, who are committed to our shared goal of fostering peace, stability, and prosperity.

“Ramadan is also a cherished time of community, 
often spent reconnecting with family and friends,’’ 

Ramzan Mubarak Wishes  Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Ramzan Messages, quots in english Shayari in Hindi & Urdu Ramzan
Ramadan Mubarak 2017: Ramzan Messages
Ramadan Mubarak 2017: Ramzan Messages

😂😒😐😆😋 Ramadan is a month of Allah Whose beginning is Mercy Whose middle is Forgiveness Whose end is Freedom from Fire

As the crescent moon is sighted. And the holy month of Ramadan begins… May Allah bless you with happiness and Grace your home with warmth and peace!!

As you pray and fast this Ramadan May all your wishes come true Enjoy the long lasting blessings of Allah. Ramadan Mubarak!

You are one of the reason why my life has been meaningful This Ramadan, let me pray to Allah To bring you more blessings. Ramadan Mubarak to you!

hindi urdu shayari on ramdan

रमजान मुबारक 2018
रमजान मुबारक 2018

Jisne bana diya her ghar ko Gulistaan
chala jayega kuch dino m ye mehman
Tohy me de ja raha hai ye Eid sbko...
Alvida Alvida Mah-e-Ramzan

Tum ebaaadat k lamho me mera 1 kaam krna,
Her sehri se pehle, her Namaz k bad,
Her Iftaar se pehale, Her Roze k bad,
Sirf apni DUA k kuch alfaaz mere naam krna.

Ramadan Mubarak 2018 Ramzan Messages, quots in english Shayari in Hindi & Urdu Ramzan

Hindi Ramadan SMS
Hindi Ramadan SMS

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Best Romantic Love Shayari Collection jokes on IPL - हिंदी शायरी Sad Romantic College Shayari

Best Romantic Love Shayari Collection jokes on IPL - हिंदी शायरी Sad Romantic College Shayari Funny IPL 2018 Jokes, SMS, Messages shayari In Hindi For Whatsaap facebook MI vs CSK jokes news

Latest Shayari for Girlfriend Boyfriend and jokes on IPL 201

Shayari Love
Shayari Love

Baahar se sooraj ki garmee ki tarah
andar se baarish ki boondon ki tarah
kya bolu uske baare me .. vo to hain
ghane baadalo me indrq dhanush k i tarah...

Best Romantic Love Shayari Collection jokes on IPL

There are lots of ways to be romantic, 
such as hugging, singing, kissing love songs Dates with his/her etc 
but Beautiful Love Shayaris are the sweet way to express 
your deepest feelings for your partner.

ab kuchh karishme ghajal dekhaate hai
jara sa lahaja badal dekhaate hain
judaiyaan to mukaddar hai jaan - e - safar
par kuch dooor tere saath chal dekhaaate hai...

jokes on IPL
virat  kohli memes jokes shayari
virat  kohli memes jokes shayari

kabhi alfaaz bhool jai kabhi khayaal bhool jau me,
tujhe is kadar chaahoo ki apni saans bhool jau me,
uth kar tere paas se jo main chal du,
toh jaate huye khud ko tere paas bhool jau me...!!!

Best Romantic Love Shayari 

aap hamse hm aapse pyaaar paate rahe
mohabbat ka ehasaqas yuhi jagaate rahe
hoke hamesha ke liye ek doosare ke….
valentins bhi ham saath manaate rahe

ye meri mohabbat thi , ya deevaangi ki beintiha, 
tere qareeb se gujar gaya tere hi khayaalon me!!

In English words-
It was my love that the love of devotion, 
passed near you, in your thoughts !!

दिल में chhipi यादो से सारारु तुजहे, 
तू देखे से अपनी अखो मुझे उतारू तुजहे, 
तेरे नाम को labon पे ऐस sajaya है, 
to भी जौसे ख्बो मुझे पुकारू तुजहे ... !!!

meree aankho ka har aansoo tere pyaar ki nishaani hai, 
jo too samjhe to moti hai, na samjhe to paani hai!!

  MI vs CSK jokes
rohit sharma virat kohli ipl jokes
rohit sharma virat kohli ipl jokes

 हिंदी शायरी Sad Romantic College Shayari

In English words-
Every tear of my eyes is a sign of your love, 
which you understand is a pearl, do not understand, then water.. !!

Sad Romantic College Shayari

unhen chaahana hamaari kamjori hai
unse kah na paana hamaari majboori hai.
vo kyu nahi samajhti meri khaamoshi ko
kya pyaar ka izahaar karana zaroori hai...

shayari In Hindi For Whatsaap facebook

In English words-
They want our weakness
It is our strength to say no to them.
Why does not she understand my silence?
Is it necessary to show love?

Friday, 11 May 2018

Indian Premiere League 3018 jokes shayari and entertainmennt Indian Premiere League Gabbar

Indian Premiere League 3018 jokes shayari and entertainmennt Indian Premiere League Gabbar Jokes Collection  Rishabh paint virat kohli cricketer pl 2018 schedule IPL jokes

IPL Latest Jokes annd Memes of  2018

Eight teams are included to play in IPL 2018. The tournament involves each team playing every other team two times( as double round-robin format) in complete IPL in a home and away from home. At the conclusion of the double round-robin IPL league,  the top four teams on the basis of aggregate points qualify for the semifinal. At this stage,  the top two teams compete with each other (in a match titled "Qualifier 1"), as do the remaining two teams While the winner of Qualifier 1 directly qualifies for the final match,  the losing team get one more chance to win the final match by playing with the winning team of the Eliminator match;  this match is titled Qualifier 2. The team that wins the final match is crowned the Indian Premier League winners, The winner of this subsequent Qualifier 2 match moves onto the final IPL match.  The schedule for the  tournament was published on 14 February 2018 and start on 7 april 2018.

Lets Start
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IPL virat and anushkha jokes
IPL virat and anushkha jokes

Height of misunderstndng
IPL T20 Flash News of the year!
All boys Performed well at last night.
I was fully satisfied,
if uyou understatnd the share....

IPL team of computer science engineers
a.Rajasthan recursion
b.Kolkata node riders
c.Mumbai implicants
d.Delhi dragging
e.Chennai super computers
f.Royalstack bangaloru

chris gyle jokes funny
chris gyle jokes funny

EXAMs should be like IPL.
Timing should be 1 Hour
No Invigilator In Exam Hall untill first 15 min
invigilator Dance After Every Right Answer
Bolo IPL Ki Jai!

The Devils challenged the Angels to an IPL.
But we’ve got all the players, said the Angels.
Yes. But we’ve got all the team owners exclaimed The Devils.

IPL Funny SMS in Hindi
Sholey ki team ne IPL me khelne gayi,

Gabbar ke bowler ne 20 Over me 200 run diye aur extra me 250 run diye
Batao kyun?.
Kyunki wicketkeepar thakur tha 
simple yaar

Rishabh pant तो इस बार 
IPL में ऐसे खेल रहा है
जैसे  neerav modi का
 सारा लोन इसे ही वापस करना है|

 जिन लड़कियों को क्रिकेट IPL में इंटरेस्ट
होता हैं ना, उनसे कोई लड़का
सेट नही होता why??
क्योकि वो  लडके में

विराट कोहली ढूंढती हैं.

IPL memes shayari
IPL memes shayari

Malik bahar chala jaye toh

Naukar dhandhe ki waat lagaata hai…

Iska example hai : RCB


Aur Malik jordar ho to Naukar

ji jan lagake kam karta hai..

Iska example hai : MUMBAI INDIANS

तन्हा रहना तो , मोहब्बत वालो की एक रस्म है , dosto
अगर फूल सिर्फ खुशी के लिये होते तो जनाजे पर न डाले जाते ??

सुना हैं पाकिस्तानी खिलाड़ी अगर इंडिया से 
फाइनल  match हार गये,
तो वे पकिस्तान न जाकर, next pm राहुल गांधी की 
तरह कुछ दिनों के लिए दुबई
वाली नानी के घर चले जायेंगे.

Rishabh pant meme jokes score highest
Rishabh pant meme jokes score highest

उस वक्त तो  mind ही घूम गया  mera ,
जब कचरे वाली ने कहा कि लाओ IPL की बक्शीस  RCB ke liye. 
यै है इंडिया का त्यौहार

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils Who Wil win, Shayari on ipl Jokes Funny Photo

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Daredevils live cricket score ipl 2018 players team Shayari on ipl Jokes Funny Photo Highlights IPL 2018 genesis open full leaderboard scores virat kohli gyle

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) VS  Delhi Daredevils (DD) 

Who will Win the Match...???

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Delhi Daredevils (DD)
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Delhi Daredevils (DD) 

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Delhi Daredevils (DD) will play IPL match today, after winning  so more IPL matches by hydrabad it will make sure that the bowlers of sunrisers hydrabad look like the king of IPL bowlers 2018 .
if you guys watching IPL 2018 regularly then i think you should believe on the team Hydrabaad to win the match.

The Kane Williamson-led side are comfortably placed he is Aa good player. On the top of the (IPL)Indian Premier League  table, Sunrisers Hyderabad team of 2018 are  placed on top of the IPL table which is the good achievement by SRH.
In other words, Delhi have been very lucky that have a chance to play a popular match with Sunrisers hydrabaad , i think today match can give a record this season and have recorded just three wins of IPL 2018 matches from their 10 matches.

 IPL match 2018
 IPL match 2018

Out of the 11 times hydrabad team matches are very suspensive and played intersting matches , Sunrisers hold an edge having won on seven occasions Hydrabba as compared to Delhi's four victories.

In their last meeting for IPL match 2018 at the  Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad in IPL 11, the Sunrisers romped home by seven wickets, Hydrabad bowlers are very good bowlers they have great ideas to do dot bowls for the batsman, as Delhi once again squandered a great start to lose the plot in the dying stages.

But in case ,RCB royal challengers bengaluru that is Virat Kohli and Anushkha sharma teams have very great playrers likes virat Kohli and AB Deviliars and bowlers Chahal , Bhuvaneshwar but
why RCB not performing better  we cant guess , its a suspense , becoz whats are happening with RCB , when in 2017 IPL Chris Gyle also with team RCB but he alse did not performed good in previos year thats why RCB excludes Chris Gyle from His team.

SRH bowlers facing Rajasthan Royals
SRH bowlers facing Rajasthan Royals

Earlier, while targetting a challenging target of 152, SRH bowlers facing Rajasthan Royals' chase at 140.
Another medium player, Basil Thampi, who has focussed for his performance by audience in just three games for Hyderabad, has emerged with a classical performance in IPL 2018 which is the most happiness of his carrier shows.
Spinners Shakib Al Hasan and Rashid Khan in IPL 2018 have bagged eight and 10 wickets in all matches of IPL each from eight games while medium pacer Siddarth Kaul has been tahen 11 wickets from eight games which really challenging. The 24-year-old has five scalps. On the other side, Delhi cannot afford another defeat finally I also from delhi thats why I will support delhi today.

shayari and jokes on IPL 2018 SRH VS DD
shayari and jokes on IPL 2018 SRH VS DD

Ab toh har ghari ye dil darta hai….

Ab toh har ghari ye dil darta….

Kya aaj bhi aakhri over "Chahal" dalega ??


Agar Cricket Match Me 10 Balls Pe Poora Team 0ut Ho Jaye,

To Konsa Number Khilarri N0t 0ut Rahega..?
lets comment,
Ìf All Other Things Remaining The Same, Only For Genious people.

Sardar Cricket Khel Kar Aya,

Dost: Kitnay Runs Banaya?

Sardar: Triple Century Hone Me 299 Run Baqi The,

Kanjar Ne Out Kar Dia!

Monday, 7 May 2018

Love Shayari In Hindi and english For GF/BF,लव शायरी गर्लफ्रेंड के लिए Sad & Romantic Love Quotes

Love Shayari In Hindi and english For GF/BF,लव शायरी गर्लफ्रेंड के लिए  Sad & Romantic Love Quotes  Dil Shayari love story hindi me Love Whatsapp Status

 Love Shayari In Hindi and english For GF/BF

 bewafa Love shayari
bewafa Love shayari

Band Kar Denaa Khulee Aankho Ko Meri Aa Ke Tum,
Aks Tera Dekh Kar Keh De Na Koi Bewafaa.

ilaahi Kyun Nahi Uthhti Qayamaat Majra Kya Hai,
Humare Saamne Pahlu Me Woh Dushman Ke Baithe Hain.

टुटा हो दिल तो दुःख होता है
करके मोहब्बत (mohobbat)किसी से ये दिल रोता है 
दर्द का अहसास(feeling) तो तब हो 
और उसके दिल में कोई और होता है

romantic shayari images
romantic shayari images

Tera sath na ho humdam to kya jeena,
Tujh se bat na ho humdam to kya jeena,
Tumhe banaya hai apne dil ki dhadkan
Ager tum dil ke pass na ho to kya jeena.

Apna Kaha Tha To Apne Jaisa Samjhte Tum..
Aaj Begana Mujhe Tumne Banaya Kaise…

Mil Hi Jayega Koi Na Koi Toot Ke Chahane Waala mujhe bhi,
Ab Shaher ( शहर
) Ka Shaher Toh Bewafa Ho Nahi Sakta.

new shayari collections
new shayari collections

धोखा दिया था जब तूने मुझे . 
जिंदगी से मैं नाराज था  is qadar,
सोचा कि दिल से तुझे निकाल दूं. 
मगर कंबख्त दिल भी तेरे पास था!!!

Roye Kuchh is Tarah Se Mere Jism Se Lagke Wo,
Aisa Lagaa Ki Jaise Kabhi BeWafa Na The Wo,

Dil ki kuch baaton ko aaj kehena hai tum ko,
Dhadkan ban ke tere dil me rehna hai humko,
Kai ruk na jaye meri kabhi saanse
Isliye har pal ko bas tere sath jeena hai humko.

ye jo dagh he tere daman pr khoon ka meri mohabbat ka..ise kab tak chupaoge batado?
kitne bhi karlo koshish ise na dho paoge..
khoon he rang or daman safed he na kro koshish wrna mazeed isko khud hi phelaoge..
mash hoor the tum saare shehar me nam se mere.. jo ab ho badnam bolo kahan moo chupaoge.
maine aaina krdi har ek deewar tere hujre ki jis simt dekhoge ik jafakar paoge

Jaan Se bhi Zyada Chahte Hai Aapko,
Har Khushi Se bhi Zyada Mangte Hai Aapko,
Agar Koi Kahe Pyar Ki bhi Koi Had Hoti Hai,
To Us Had Se Bhi Zyada Chahte Hai Aapko.!

girl boys love shayari 2018
girl boys love shayari 2018

Mohabbat ko had se guzar Jane dena aaj,
Rokana na mujh tujh pe bikhar Jane dena aaj,
Me hona chahti ho bas teri
Mujh Teri bahon m simat Jane dena aaj…

Mai To Khuli Kitab Tha Tumhari Khatir..
Tumne Apna Her Raaj Mujhse Chhipaya Kaise??….

Nahi Chahiye Tha dil To Wapas Ker Dete..
Dil Mera Todker Tumne 'Bikhraya' Kaise…..????

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Love Shayari in english and Hindi for girlfriend Boyfriend romantic/sad love shayari

Love Shayari in english and Hindi for girlfriend romantic love shayari ,Boyfriend,Wife Husbend  love shayari hindi shayari , Boys And Girls Shayari,Boy To Girl Quotes Love Shayari Latest Sad Shayari love boy girl images, quotes Sad Shayari in Hindi breakup shayari

we have something really amazing love shayari

love shayari in english for boyfriend
love shayari in english for boyfriend

Meri Har Nazar Me Basee Ho Tum,

Meri Har Qalm Pe Likhi Ho Tum,

Tumhe Soch Lu To Ghazal Meri,

Na Likh Sakoo To Wo Khayal Ho Tum..

Rishta hamara is jahan me intna ho,
Jitna zindgi ko saanso ka sahara ho,
Yaad rakhna sweat heart hame us ghari mein bhi,
Jab hum akele ho aur sara duniyaa tumhara ho

Romantic love shayari
Romantic love shayari

Khuda Kary jindagee Me Aisa Mukaam aye,

Meri Rooh Aur Jindagi Aapke Kaam Aaye,

Har Dua Mein Bas Yehi Maangta Hu khuda Se,

Ki Agle Janam Mein Bhi Aapke saath Aaye..

Mohabbat(ishq) Ko Jo Nibhate( निभाते )Hain Unko Mera salute Hai,
Aur Jo Raaste Me छोड़ Jaate Hai Unko, mera Paigaam Hai

wafa Kro To Fir Khud Ko Fanna Krdo uski mohabbat me,
warna Khuda Ke Liye Kisi Ki Jindgi Na Tbarbaad Karo


मोहबत को जो निभाते हैं उनको मेरा सलाम है,
और जो बीच रास्ते में  जाते हैं उनको,
हमारा ये पेघाम हैं..
वादा-ए-वफ़ा करो तो फिर खुद को फ़ना करो,
वरना खुदा के लिए किसी की ज़िंदगी ना तबाह करो!

Har lamha yun kal Ko talash raha hu,

Guzre lamho ko fir se jeena chah raha hu,

Koi mujhse bhi pooch le kyun khamosh hai aankhe meri,

Meri zindagee ko fir se maang rahi hai aankhhe meri..

 bewafa couple shayari
bewafa couple shayari

Wo nadaan hai baate samajhte nahi kya akru,

Yeh din yeh raate samjahte nahi kya karu,

Mae paass bhi jau to dar jaate h wo,

Me dard nahi dawa hun samajhte nahi wo..

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